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Macungie Institute

Artwork Currently on Display

Tree of Life

This month we celebrate the work of artist, Lee Levin-Friend. Lee shares: "I have been using my camera for creative expression almost all of my adult life. I began, primarily, after the birth of my first daughter in 1970. The passion grew and grew and I converted a bedroom to a darkroom in the 70’s and spent many hours there watching the magic of a blank piece of paper become a black and white image. I bought film in buIk and rolled my own film cartridges in the darkness of a closet. About 15 years ago, I moved over to the digital world and have not looked back. The same magic is present for me, still, on screen now, as it was in the developer. I’m still hooked." Be sure to stop in and see Lee's work on display now. All pieces are available for purchase directly through the artist.

In 1856, a number of citizens organized the Macungie Institute for the purpose of educating students in this building.  Today our goal is much the same.  We trust the Macungie Institute can be a place where individuals of all ages will enjoy the gift of learning.  We also trust that the building itself will be a place joyfully used by our community.

The Tree of Life at the Macungie Institute was erected with two thoughts in mind.  First, with your kind and thoughtful donation we will have the ability to fund different events and provide for future operating expenses.  Secondly, your donation provides you with the ability to have your family name(s), an individual's name(s), and/or an organization commemorated on a beautifully engraved brass leaf or rock. Gifts of $75 or more receive an engraved leaf; gifts of $150 or more receive an engraved leaf with one star; gifts of $250 or more receive an engraved leaf with two stars; gifts of $500 or more receive an engraved small rock (5 1/2" x 3 1/2"); gifts of $1,000 or more receive a medium rock (7' x 4 1/2"); and gifts of $2,500 or more receive a large rock (8" x 6").

If you desire to make a donation, please send your donation, along with the
donation form, to the Macungie Institute, 510 E. Main Street, Macungie, PA, 18062.  You will receive an acknowledgement of your generous gift, which is tax-deductible, as provided by law. 



The Macungie Institute is located one block east on Main Street (Route 100), Macungie from the intersection of Chestnut Street and Main Street (traffic light).


At the intersection of Routes 100 and 29 in Upper Milford Township, travel north on Route 100,  approximately 1.73 miles The Macungie Institute will be on the left side of Main Street (Route 100), Macungie just passed Buttonwood Street.


At the intersection of Routes 100 and 222 in Trexlertown, travel south on Route 100, approximately 4.4 miles, The Macungie Institute will be on the right side of Main Street (Route 100), Macungie at Sycamore Street.   

Parking is to the rear of the building accessible by turning onto S Sycamore Street and left onto Hickory Street.

The Macungie Institute serves as a community center providing a place for the social, cultural,

and educational advancement of the residents of the Macungie area.

510 East Main Street, Macungie, PA 18062

​Phone: 610-966-7830 Fax: 610-966-0573

The Office will be closed the week of August 8th, 2022. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Borough Hall at 610-966-2503 or use the contact tab to send an email. All calls and emails will be returned on Tuesday, August 16, 2022.